Ella & Louie

Ella & Louie is a floral design studio based in Santa Barbara, CA. Owner and designer Tracey Morris has been creating beautiful, stylish, and unique designs for more than 25 years.

I love beautiful flowers, all kinds, carnations too - though roses are my favorite. No other flower comes in so many colors, sizes and shapes and plays so well with other flowers in classic designs, funky boho bouquets, or just on their own.

I also love people and helping them celebrate big occasions. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays... Flowers add so many great elements of design and color, also they have an impact on the feelings of happiness and hospitality that go with a milestone event. I love helping provide that special element and finding the right expression for each person.

Ella and Louie are cats - most likely of the Bombay variety- and being cats they are perfectly suited to be the management team. (Plus they keep me company in the studio.)

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