Michelle Ramirez Photography

My photojournalism style of photography incorporates a little bit of mood but is bold and true to color. Put me in a dark room with a camera and I love it just as much as a bright sunny beach day. I love weddings and I understand how important they are to people. Weddings are huge life events with different emotional peaks that should be documented creatively... and that is something I specialize in. When my couples look at their photos, I want them to relive the emotions and feelings captured in the image every time. Wedding photo journalism is so important to me because it is vivid and alive, which is something I am so passionate about. Not only am I the eyes on the wedding day but I want to understand the vision and make it come to life from beginning to end. From beautiful heirloom details, to dancing the night away with your besties, my job is to document ALL of it. Seeing someone blown away by their own photograph makes me feel inspired and accomplished. It is an amazing indescribable feeling and the core reason why I am a wedding photographer.

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