Riviera Productions

Riviera Productions grew out of a passion for telling real, personal stories. There are so many little moments in life that go by too fast - we see and capture them so those memories not only last, but are there to be replayed any time you want to remember, and smile. 

Our team consists of a small group who share a passion for film and storytelling.. We have over 25 years combined experience in video production, including everything from feature documentaries to personal family biographies. 

We love love! A wedding is not just a celebration of one of your biggest days - there are countless moments between you and your family, guests and friends that help tell your story. Every wedding is different, and we love to capture that romance, joy, love, friendship and celebration every time we film. We are passionate about capturing those feelings and giving you the chance to see, and hear, and feel each moment of your wedding again and again.

We consistently hear one thing from every couple we have filmed - that the day goes by "in a whirlwind." When you see the film we created, you get to see the moments across the room that you missed, or experience again a moment that went by in a flash. That feedback is always our biggest thrill and compliment.

So, get in touch. We want to hear your story.

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