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Venue Showcase


(wedding) Venue Owners ARE YOU realizing:

  • Each year, dozens of wedding venues and competitors are opening or revamping in the Santa Barbara area?

  • It’s not as simple as owning a brick and mortar business, the amenities and task list gets longer and longer for hosting weddings, and venue owners have difficulty prioritizing and knowing what they all are?

  • Instead of a focused strategy for delivering a memorable product, faith prevails in order to figure it out as you go.

  • Unsure of what else to do, you’re spending money on the wrong paid advertising while underwhelmed with the return on investment.

It does NOT have to be SO HARD!


  1. You cannot sell unless you know what you offer.

  2. You cannot know what you are offering unless you know who you serve.

  3. You won’t know who you serve unless you know what clients want and need.

We can help with all that by:

✨ Defining your ideal client
✨ Producing a showcase of your venue to wedding partners
✨ Kicking your visibility into high gear online
✨ Pitching  offerings often, the right way and with confidence

#ShARINGLOVEINSB venue showcase

Know what you offer | Know who you serve


In order to meet the goals that your location desires for renting out your wedding venue, we recommend the following:

●  Walk thru of the venue with appropriate event partners / professionals

● Report of recommendations for: event purposes, regulations, marketing, and pricing

●  Host an event-partner reception showcasing the venue to fellow event professionals

●  Strategic listings in referral outlets (on and off-line)

●  Competitive shopping and market research


Zohe Felici’s consulting services will deliver the following results for your location:

  • Define Ideal client(s)

  • Define revenue goals

  • Define offerings

  • Define pricing for (new) offerings

  • How to market to each offering to ideal clients

  • Create automated inquiry and sales systems

  • Create new (or a review of current)

    • your branding

    • your website

    • your social media

  • Create systems for marketing to include effective copy and content

  • Create systems for marketing which include automated emails that convert

  • Define best systems for converting online traffic to paying clients

  • How to best increase visibility to fellow event professionals

  • Curated Event Partner List

  • Social Media strategy and action plan


A YEARLY Santa Barbara Wedding Style

  • Listing in 1 Category

  • 3 Blog Posts (you submitted the images + we write 'em )

  • 16 Featured Shout Outs on Social Media Channels

  • Exclusive A-List Private FacebookGroup

  • Invitation to A-List Networking Events

  • Membership Badge

  • 1 WEEK Listing on Home Page Spotlight

  • 1 Deep Dive Interview Blog Post with Social Media Shout Outs

  • 1 x Newsletter Spotlight

  • 1 Day Social Media Takeover (we feature your content all day!)

Scheduled Live video tour of your venue

InstaStories or Facebook Stories anytime we visit your location during your membership

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