10 Top Trends for the 2019 Wedding Season

Part of the fun - or perhaps part of the stress, depending on your perspective - of planning a wedding is keeping up with all of the newest trends in the wedding industry.

While your wedding is first and foremost a celebration of you and your partner’s commitment, keeping an eye on the latest and greatest developments can offer inspiration for the plethora of planning details that need to be decided on. This includes everything from food and flowers to attire and decor.

Here are 10 of the top trends for the 2019 wedding season.

Inviting Nature In

Many couples are starting to move away from the popular rustic and vintage themes that have been used in many weddings. Instead, they’re moving towards an emphasis on nature and greenery, finding creative ways to incorporate nature into the wedding decor. For example, tailored greenery is beginning to replace the use of flowers in centerpieces.

Also, thanks in part to the use of green in the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, green and emerald are anticipated to be a coveted color going into 2019.


Hanging Floral Centerpieces

Moving in to 2019, hanging florals will continue to be one of the most popular trends among couples. Hanging florals are popular as they don’t take up much space, and depending on the arrangement can replace the use of individual centerpieces altogether.

Dahlias and Buttercups

cocorose dahlias.jpg

Dahlias are shaping up to be one of the the most popular flowers of 2019, thanks in large part to their wide variety of colors and intricate beauty. Ranunculus, or buttercups, will also be a popular contender for brides looking for both romance and whimsy.

Mixed and Matched Groomsmen Attire


Groomsmen attire has taken some of the spotlight from bridesmaids dresses, as a heavier focus has developed on tailored, fitted tuxedos with pops of color. Consider mixing and matching with checkered patterns, floral prints, or refined polka dots for a modern flair that is sure to impress your guests.

Customized/Statement Place Cards

Customized place cards are gaining traction as a trend. Customizing your guests’ place cards is a fun way to engage them with your wedding theme and give you the opportunity to be as creative as you want.

Smaller Plates, More Courses

More couples are looking to experiment with customizable menus, however a sit-down meal is still a perennial favorite. To achieve more variety, many couples are now requesting smaller plates with added courses, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy a wider range of options.

DIY Food Stations

DIY food stations have been growing in popularity as couples aim to offer more customized meals for their guests. Some popular ideas are waffle bars, taco bars, or a donut station.


Already popular, you can expect more ceremonies to encourage guests to put away their cellphones and “unplug” to enjoy the moment. This is a popular trend as it encourages guests to be more engaged in the celebration.

Projection Mapping

Couples are seeing the potential of projection mapping to transform their wedding venues into impressive visual displays. Projection mapping is the use of projection technology to project imagery onto a large surface - such as the room of a wedding venue. By utilizing projection mapping, couples can transform the room in anyway they choose, such as a change in color, shading, or altering major design elements.

Videography Drones

Drones are increasingly popular in capturing impressive aerial shots. Now, they’ve moved into the wedding space as well. You can expect drones to be a hot pick for couples interested in capturing different perspectives of their wedding day. Photographers also value drones for their ability to capture steady video.