An Insider Look at The Replicas Music

An Insider Look at The Replicas Music

We recently asked Veronia Puleo of The Replicas Music to give us her thoughts on music related wedding planning ideas. Here are The Replicas Music top three wedding music tips:

  1. What are your thoughts about a dance set between cocktails + dinner, once guests have been invited to the reception space- Yes or No and Why? 

    • Yes! If folks want to dance, let them. Some people just don't feel the need to sit and eat right away after they've had plenty of hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour.

  2. What is the #1 advice you give to couples planning their wedding with you?

    • Make it your own. This is your own production, no need to copy your friend's timeline. You don't have to cut the cake after dinner. Why not cut it right after your grand entrance? Then you can proceed to the dance floor for your first dance, hora, what-have-you. Think outside the box and do something different, just keep it simple!

  3. What is your favorite first dance song, and why?

    • "Knocks Me Off My Feet" by Stevie Wonder. It's one of the prettiest melodies and most romantic lyric you've every heard. The couple who first brought that song to us to learn a few years back put big smiles on our faces. The orchestration is not easy, and we love a wonderful composition that we as musicians can sink our teeth into. First Dance Song Advice: Time and time again we learn songs for couples that are not really love songs. When you really do the research you might come to find that the song lyric is about a stalker or a love the songwriter will never have. Please read the lyrics and pick a true love song.