#ClientWantsCannabis an Informative Wedding Workshop

#SharingLoveInSB recently hosted an informative workshop for wedding professionals. The afternoon consisted of a panel discussion about cannabis’ impact on the private and wedding event industry.

As legalization of recreational marijuana maneuvers thru California., cannabis-infused weddings (from bud bouquets to cannabis cakes) are gaining popularity and creating a buzz within the wedding industry. Respectively, due to the increase in planning cannabis infused weddings, new businesses are being established because of the emergence of the two things legal marijuana and celebrations / events.

Pre-panel discussion, guests mingled and nibbled at an innovative munchies bar created by Creative Services Catering. Goodies included maple glazed bacon, ginormous chocolate chip cookies, mac n’ cheese, popcorn, candy, chips and Twizzlers.

The Panel consisted of:

  • GrassFed - event "budbar" producers of cannabis themed pop up events and facilitators

  • Tina Fanucchi-Frontado, owner of KopSun - a cannabis education, information and health resource company for women

  • Liz Rogan of Liz Rogan and Associates - cannabis liaison, educator and advocate

Topics of discussion included:

  • What is happening in California vs the rest of the country

  • How we are seeing marijuana represented culturally now vs ten years ago…5 years ago

  • How is cannabis impacting events?

  • Tools for those who are unaware of state legalities and restrictions

  • Navigating the legalities and logistic of cannabis at special events

  • Ways to integrate cannabis into a couple’s special day

  • Incorporating marijuana and leaves into wedding florals, bouquets, decor and centerpieces

  • Infusing food with weed, how to legally serve it and the permitting needed

The number one take-away and piece of advice we received from our panel is:

Get Educated!

There are a multitude of resources available and many people aren’t aware of how to maneuver and responsibly incorporate using herbs in their celebrations.

Thank you to the Team that Helped make this day special:

As the premier creator & producer of cannabis-themed events in California, our mission is to help de-stigmatize cannabis by offering sophisticated ways to enjoy its medical and recreational properties with like-minded individuals.

Our goal is simply to provide education and information, so you become confident and empowered to make the smartest choices for you.

Liz prides herself on being on the cutting edge of the newest cannabis products, regulations and industry trends.