Seven Brides for Seven Fathers (walking down the aisle)

Wedding guests' first glimpse of the bride oftentimes occurs at the ceremony, while the bride is walked down the aisle by her father.  Although in this day and age women are independent and the reason for this gesture may not be relevant, this tradition symbolizing the 'giving away' of the bride continues.

What is relevant, however, is that much like me, I am daddy's little girl.  No matter what age I am, (let's say I'm not 30 anymore) I will always be daddy's little girl and cannot imagine not having the cornerstone of my dad (literally) in my life's majestic moments.  

Grabbing on to dad's arm for support, comfort and strength may never be passé, no matter how modernized nor how old the bride is. After all, walking down the aisle will be the first of many emotional moments that a couple will experience.....even your dad!

Anticipating Father's Day, here are some Santa Barbara Wedding Style members who captured some of our favorite father daughter moments before the bride walks down the aisle with her dad.