Tips + Tasty Tuesday - How to bring FRESH and SERVICE into your wedding week-end.

Santa Barbara Wedding Style treated four A-list Members, each servicing a different entity of the wedding planning world, to experience a culinary extravaganza: a cooking demo by Chef Neal Fraser at Redbird followed by a delectable dinner.  

We hosted a venue event manager, a musician and music agency owner, a floral designer and an event planner, to this exquisite dinner where we undoubtedly begin some #SBWSChatter.

First, being greeted with enthusiasm and attentiveness as we walked in scored huge points.  Once we got out our event room, a gorgeous kitchen island was ready with some vino, which won us over immediately, as it does / will for your guests and their place-settings and dining area at any dinner event you host.

During the cooking demonstration, Chef Neal Fraser explained that the key to great culinary is to have the freshest of ingredients, "from there you can really create anything".  We quickly realized that this is a core element that is completely viable for each of our own wedding entities:

  • Tracey from Ella and Louie Floral Studio uses the same formula for creating and designing beautiful wedding floral.  She chooses flowers which are superior quality and the freshest you can buy, "they will look radiant!" she declares. Just like a chef, the ingredients are placed in a vessel (much like a plate) and which should accent the florals themselves.
  • Veronica from The Replicas Music works hard to keep their music sets fresh. She and her bands are constantly learning new songs, practicing and modifying songs and sets, inducing new takes on the classics and creative ensembles.
  • Pamela from Sandpiper Golf Course has refreshed the location's ceremony and reception sites by invoking a FRESH event planner's eye and experience to scouting spectacular ceremony locations jaw dropping to wedding couples and to their guests.
  • Zohe from Felici Events uses 'freshness' as the main ingredient in wedding planning. There is wedding inspiration available at the click of a button, and trends that are creative and (some) overdone, but the true core and freshness of weddings is done by digging into the couple's stories and finding what is that special thing that brought them together, or that they have in common.  An implementation of this fresh component can compliment any trend or inspiration and personalize the wedding week-end to a memorable occasion

Interesting how one rule of thumb for one wedding entity is relevant to a myriad of wedding planning event professionals. Regardless of our different roles and goals within the wedding-world, we shared more of our wedding profession traits:

  • We provide and appreciate EXEMPLARY, white glove, customer service.
  • We THRIVE on being of service to create wonderful memories.
  • We REALLY enjoy what we do, we have PASSION for our careers.
  • We LOVE great food, and this certainly this was the place to indulge.


Chef Fraser provided various cooking techniques and created for us three delightful dishes from the menu (pictured top to bottom):

  • Risotto with North Sea shrimp, english peas, lemon and lavender mint.
  • Perfectly cooked duck breast on a bed of with sea island peas, and local cherries.
  • Seared scallops on a yellow carrot puree with fava beans and red vermouth.

Once we were done with the demonstration, we were taken on a tour of the various private dining rooms available at the cathedral-turned event-venue. The dynamic space showcases timeless architecture and includes simple modern forms to complement rather than overtake the feel of the rooms. The "freshness" factor was definitely experienced in the private dining areas (much like the menu items we had just sampled, and dinner we were going to enjoy).


Once we sat for dinner we were treated like queens!  From beginning to end, our four hour dinner was delightful, fun, delicious and memorable.

  • The service impeccable
  • The wine list, extensive, and a knowledgable sommelier
  • An experienced team of attentive service professionals
  • A delicious 12 item dinner which had us ooohing and awwwwwing the entire night, and for days following.

ALL, served with a FRESH take on dining and gastronomy, and a level of service that we consistently provide to our clients and enjoy receiving every once in a while..... Buon Appetito.

A HUGE Grazie Mille!

Veronica Puleo of VeroFoto for the gorgeous images