Six Beauty Products for Wedding Day Confidence

Six Beauty Products for Wedding Day Confidence

Every bride dreams of her princess moment, walking down the aisle with all eyes on her in a stunning, white dress. But, the wedding gown is just a small part of making the moment count.

Feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin is essential for wedding success and a day focused on love and smiles rather than stress. Diet and exercise are always recommended to help detox and feel your best, but don’t try to overdue it leading up to the big event.

Beyond basic health, we have a couple of tips and products designed to give you that feeling of all-over beauty in preparation for and on your wedding day, all created by 100% Pure.

The natural beauty company prides itself on designing healthy and pure products that are not only nourishing and revitalizing but also made from all organic and environmentally-friendly substances. From skincare to hair products to ‘fruit pigminted’ makeup, these beauty experts have everything you need to radiate with self-confidence.

Skincare Products

100% Pure offers a wide variety of products to keep your skin refreshed and enhance your natural beauty. Also, use the Skin Care Finder using your skin type and main skin concern, from acne to dryness and sensitivity, to identify which products will be the best match for you.

We have selected a couple of best-sellers to inspire your wedding day skin preparation.

Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum

Hair Products

If your skin is your top priority to be flawless as you walk down the aisle, chances are hair comes in at number two on the list. Especially if you are subjecting your strands to a wedding outdoors, you’ll want to stay frizz, dandruff, and tangle-free.

Take a look at a couple of 100% Pure’s products that will re-hydrate your hair before the wedding and give you a glossy look to withstand a day in the sun and a night of dancing.

Burdock & Neem Healthy Scalp Shampoo

Makeup Products

Last, but certainly not least, 100% Pure’s line of makeup products provide the perfect finishing touch. All the cosmetics are colored naturally from the pigments in fruits, vegetables, and other plants. These organic ingredients make skin healthier with added vitamins and nutrients, unlike other makeup products.

Browse the collection and check out 100% Pure’s makeup tutorials to find your flawless bride style!

Fruit Pigmented Rose Gold Palette