Spring Sage Wedding at the Stow House

Questionnaire from the Bride:

  • What was your inspiration for your wedding decor/style? 

Simple, trying to stay low on trash/landfill. Sort of rustic with an early 1900's feel. 

  • Tell us about the design, why/how you decided on the girls dresses and your beautiful hair style. 

I love the color sage, so the attempt was for them to get dress colors as close to a sage color as possible. Turns out sage is a difficult color to find, but it worked out even better because they all got a variety of sage-like colors that mimicked a Spring feeling. My hairstyle was inspired by the Japanese girl in the Karate Kid 2 when Louis and I were watching it a couple weeks before the wedding. Then I got inspired and started researching when/where that hairstyle was popularized. Early 1900's Edwardian-fashion hairstyle. We added the personalized touch by adding little daisy flowers picked from my mother-in-law's garden.

  • What was most important to you for your day? 

That people had a good time.

  • Why did you choose your wedding venue? 

I enjoyed visiting the Stow House. The trees. The wildlife. It is just beautiful.

  • What was your favorite part of your wedding day? 


  • Is there any advice you would give to future planning couples? 

Be true to what you really want. It is really easy for things to get out of control. Stay true.

From Just Kiss Collective:

Five years ago, Amy and Louis met in the wonderland of lights, music and food that is downtown Santa Barbara. Their love began to grow in the dreamy setting of the Soho Music Club where they both worked, surrounded by a mélange of friends, Spanish rooftops, restaurants and courtyards. They discovered a shared passion for art, stories, and the natural world. Amy introduced Louis to the deeper science of plants and animals, and her knowledge of music; Louis introduced Amy to his invented sport of creek running and his philosophies on Alma Fati (Loving your Fate.) Soon they were inseparable.

At first, they spent their time searching for owls on moonlit nights on the Riviera and going on local adventures. Soon they realized that their love for nature was a love for each other and their adventures began to grow in size and scope. They traveled to the Caribbean, drove to New Orleans, swam in the Amazon and climbed a glacier in Iceland.

It was on their trip to Iceland where things changed. On the last day of their vacation a boat trip was cancelled due to the high waves. Instead they took a walk on a black sand lava beach. With the sky half storm, half sun and filled with rainbows, Louis dropped down to one knee and asked Amy to marry him.

Now Amy and Louis are continuing their adventures, often entwined with Amy’s career in Biology and Louis’ career in Publishing. They prepared excitedly for their wedding when they were once again surrounded by music, food and friends.

Venue: Rancho La Patera & Stow House | Photographer: Just Kiss Collective | Caterer and Dessert: The Worker Bee Cafe | Rentals: Ventura Rental Party and Events | Wedding Band: The Class Band | Rings: Brilliant Earth | Hair and Makeup: Serenity Healing & Spa