Tasty Tuesday: Live Paella Experience at Loquita

Tasty Tuesday: Live Paella Experience at Loquita

Enjoy delicious paella, cooked for you and your guests, at your next celebration.  Paella is a traditional dish in Spain! Loquita's live paella experience provides a stunning presentation and delicious traditional flavors. Created by Executive Chef Peter Lee, Loquita’s catering menu features three types of paella; Mariscos, Chicken & Chorizo and Verduras paella.  For events with 15-100 guests paella is cooked on site in an over sized paella pan by a Loquita Chef.  Guests will be impressed and entertained as the paella simmers to perfection!

Menu items:

Verduras Paella- Fresh verduras encompasses delicious spices, seasonal vegetables like artichokes, eggplant, squash, and mushrooms to make this a well-rounded meal packed full of plant proteins.

Pollo y Chorizo- Smoky chorizo, with citrus marinated air dried chicken, finished with seasonal vegetables.

Mariscos- starring fresh local seafood offering the absolute best textures and flavors. Elevate the mariscos paella by adding Santa Barbara uni or lobster!