The Replicas Music CREATES ENERGY!

From The Replicas Music:

Large events are a favorite of The Replicas Music — it’s our job to ensure your event is high energy, everyone is on the dance floor, and above all else that hundreds of your guests are having an incredible time.

We recently performed for a large group at the Hilton, Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort. The space is truly unique given a large rotunda that creates great opportunities for event design and staging.

Check out the video to see our Variety Band, The Main Attraction, bringing their boundless energy to the event.

Event Design: Pamela Galvin Events | Decor: Lisa Carter | Photography: Rewind Photography | Sound: Tomorrow’s Event Productions/John Hydo | Venue: Hilton Santa Barbara | Video Footage: Shot by Tomorrow’s Event Productions/John Hydo. Edited by Mike Holowatch, Music Director