Timeless Engagement Ring Trends

This post is in partnership with Kobelli and Allurez. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Santa Barbara Wedding Style.

Whether you’re in the market for a beautiful engagement ring, expecting a proposal in the near future, or just daydreaming about that perfect style, we’ve got you covered.

They say diamonds are timeless, which is fitting for piece of jewelry you will wear and cherish for the rest of your life. However, for a bride who is always at the forefront of fashion, it can be difficult to find a ring that is both trendy and won’t lose its hype in the future.

Both Kobelli and Allurez are well-established and trusted jewelry manufacturers ready to help guide you through the buying process. There are many elements to an engagement ring to consider, from the cut, carat, shape, metal type, diamond setting, etc. The options can seem endless.

These online retailers help to break it down by each specific component you’re looking for, and Allurez even offers a ‘Design Your Own’ alternative. Both sources also guarantee the finest materials that are ethically sourced, to bring you extensive collections of all the latest trends along with an assortment of classic designs.

Before making a final decision on this once-in-a-lifetime purchase, also take a minute to think about these other factors that could affect your choice:

  • Consider whether or not you and your partner will have matching metals or styles that complement each other

  • Set a budget early and be cognizant of your limit as you begin shopping around

  • Be aware of your personal lifestyle and consider a simpler or more durable ring if you are overly active

  • Double check the quality of your retailer and inquire about their return policy just in case

  • Think about the upkeep and what it will take for the ring to keep its shine

It’s time to take a look at some of the hottest engagement trends Kobelli and Allurez have available that will make you, or your bride-to-be, the talk of the town, not only on the big day but also years into the future.

A Perfect Mix of Metals

Bands with a Twist

Emerald Cuts

Pops of Color

Modern Sleek Solitaire