Trendy Tuesday: 5 Wedding Dresses + Tips for Santa Barbara Styles

Today we are looking into our inspiration gallery at the types of wedding dresses and how they match the different styles that Santa Barbara offers.  From casual to elegance, Santa Barbara offers five main genres to choose from for couples to tell their story on their wedding day:

  • beach
  • vineyard
  • elegant
  • rustic
  • Spanish

Here are five tips for making your wedding dress shopping painless:

  1. Choose your location first: oftentimes it is best to have a snapshot of the location to help narrow down what dress(es) might best fit the theme.
  2. Have a budget range for your dress: there are so may style and pricing of dresses, so have an idea of what you are willing to spend for when you find the MUST HAVE!
  3. Choose carefully: bringing girlfriends or moms to dress shopping is advised, but make sure you select your closest and ones that will be honest and kind to you, otherwise it can be overwhelming.
  4. Make appointments: most bridal salons require appointments and it will take a while, so be sure to call ahead and make sure they are available.
  5. Good things happen to....: those who wait. Know that choosing the perfect dress may take a few visits and not happen overnight, so plan accordingly.  Just like meeting your perfect mate, that takes time, and so will dress selections.

Happy wedding gown shopping!

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