Meet the Planner: Soleil Events

Meet the Planner: Soleil Events

Today we're excited to have Leanne of Soleil Events visit our blog and share some of her favorite wedding planning tips. From Leanne:

1. What are your personal top 3 favorite wedding venues where you've planned an event?
Sunstone, Santa Barbara Historical Museum, and Four Seasons Biltmore

2. What is your #1 top piece of advice you give to couples?

The wedding should feel like it's your own. That event “personality” can be reflected in many different ways from the location of your ceremony, what you wear, the music, favorite food choices, colors, lighting, party favors or signature drinks. Any number of trademarks make up your personality as a couple and that should shine through as the overall mood of your most important day.  
3. What's trending with your clients?

Relaxed but refined feel, natural elements, inviting atmosphere, family style service, foregoing the bridal party for family or just the couple at the altar, renting an estate or villa and using it for bridal and family accommodations, and then hosting two consecutive events on property. Friend as officient, craft cocktails, desserts instead of wedding cake, after-party that extends the evening into the wee hours.
4. What are two things you wish couples would do?

Put the effort into your research - and a first draft of a realistic budget - for your chosen geographic area BEFORE you book the venue. Also, understand that planning is a process that doesn't happen overnight. There can be sticker shock, there will be bumps in the road, there might be unexpected guest cancellations but at the end of it all, when an event is planned well, gathering together and celebrating your wedding can be the most magical experience you and your family will share for a lifetime.