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I describe myself as an intentional wedding filmmaker.  That’s because I take great care to capture what is meaningful to you on your wedding day.  The love story between you and your beloved; the friends and family and the happy, candid moments between them; and all the purposeful details that you and the team you selected brought together to culminate in something unique.  Something that reflects you.

Of course I work with light, framing and movement to film everything in poetic, cinematic artistry.  I’ve been wedding filmmaking for over seven years, but I have another decade on top of that of filmmaking experience, and also a degree from the University of Southern California in Film and Television Production.  

Every Agapé Film is edited entirely by me, which is why you can browse my entire portfolio and find consistent quality wedding films.  All the postproduction choices are guided by my state-of-the-art feeling center, my heart, and as such each film is an emotionally charged, entertaining experience to watch.

Importantly, I also make sure to contribute to a good, positive energy for your wedding party.  95% of the time I’m filming candidly, in the background. I capture everything from the big events to the smallest details, so that this memorable event and what it signifies can be passed on for generations as an heirloom wedding film.

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