Father Jerry Bellamy

I am a retired Catholic Priest, still ordained, and on inactive status, based in Santa Barbara. The Cardinal sent me here 45 years ago. After 21 years of seminary training and working in parishes in the LA Archdiocese, including Orange, LA, Vta, and SB Counties, I retired from full-time ministry in 1981 because I wanted to be married and raise a family.

So, I now plan and celebrate weddings, in all locations, as a Non-Denom Minister, for couples of ALL faiths and backgrounds, from San Francisco to San Diego. I meet with every couple to plan their ceremonies. After 46 years of performing weddings, I do not have wedding scripts “A, B and C” to show couples. Every couple is different. I help you celebrate what makes you special. Your ceremony may end up being rather traditional or something not traditional, at all. I help you find the ceremony that is “hiding within your relationship”. I love working with couples who tell me, “We are not really religious.” I get to tell them the GOOD NEWS that being “religious” does not make a person “holy”. What makes a person holy is determined by how loving they are. I could be the most religious person in town, and yet be the worst. Humor is one of the surest signs of the presence of God. Performing and planning weddings is not my “side job”. I perform same-sex weddings and I also speak Spanish. I love to work with Rabbis and religious leaders of all faiths.

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