White Bridal Bouquets

We asked our floral designers to submit their favorite white or off-white bouquet, and although the basic description - white or off white flower bouquet - is the same for each bridal bouquet, there are distinctive differences.  Adding 'structure' or making a bouquet more 'tight' could be a couple's preference, versus a 'loose' and more natural look to a bride's flowers.  Adding punches of a third color (white and green are 2 colors, and pretty much every bouquet has green) can personalize a bouquet even more

The light creme dahlias and roses on the first bouquet by Coco Rose Design below, crate some playfulness with the fern addition.

The second bouquet, by Cody Floral, has some pops of lavender, which the couple incorporated into the details of their wedding day. More of this private estate Lavender Wedding.

The third bouquet, by Ella & Louie adds elegant pops of black by using white anemone into the mix. More of this Seaside Celebration.

Finally, the fourth bouquet created by Margaret Joan Floral mixes wildflowers such as Santa Barbara daisies and whimsical Queen Anne's Lace with dahlias, ranunculus and roses.

What's your flower personality?  

Featured Image Wisteria Lane Flowers

Coco Rose Designs (Jeremiah and Rachel Photography)

Cody Floral (Mary Jane Photography)

Ella & Louie (Kiel Rucker Photography)

Margaret Joan Floral (MiBelle Photographers)